Interface ConfigurationSerializable

All Known Subinterfaces:
BannerMeta, BlockDataMeta, BlockStateMeta, BookMeta, CompassMeta, CrossbowMeta, EnchantmentStorageMeta, FireworkEffectMeta, FireworkMeta, ItemMeta, KnowledgeBookMeta, LeatherArmorMeta, MapMeta, OfflinePlayer, Player, PotionMeta, SkullMeta, SpawnEggMeta, SuspiciousStewMeta, TropicalFishBucketMeta
All Known Implementing Classes:
AttributeModifier, BlockVector, BoundingBox, Color, FireworkEffect, ItemStack, Location, Pattern, PotionEffect, Vector

public interface ConfigurationSerializable
Represents an object that may be serialized.

These objects MUST implement one of the following, in addition to the methods as defined by this interface:

  • A static method "deserialize" that accepts a single Map< String, Object> and returns the class.
  • A static method "valueOf" that accepts a single Map<String, Object> and returns the class.
  • A constructor that accepts a single Map<String, Object>.
In addition to implementing this interface, you must register the class with ConfigurationSerialization.registerClass(Class).
See Also:
DelegateDeserialization, SerializableAs
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    Map<String,​Object> serialize()
    Creates a Map representation of this class.
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