Interface TileState

All Superinterfaces:
BlockState, Metadatable, PersistentDataHolder
All Known Subinterfaces:
Banner, Barrel, Beacon, Bed, Beehive, Bell, BlastFurnace, BrewingStand, Campfire, Chest, CommandBlock, Comparator, Conduit, Container, CreatureSpawner, DaylightDetector, Dispenser, Dropper, EnchantingTable, EnderChest, EndGateway, EntityBlockStorage<T>, Furnace, Hopper, Jigsaw, Jukebox, Lectern, SculkSensor, ShulkerBox, Sign, Skull, Smoker, Structure

public interface TileState extends BlockState, PersistentDataHolder
Represents a block state that also hosts a tile entity at the given location. This interface alone is merely a marker that does not provide any data. Data about the tile entities is provided by the respective interface for each tile entity type. After modifying the data provided by a TileState, BlockState.update() needs to be called to store the data.